Creating a Collaborative Foundation to Support DEI Practices
Our project will develop a DEI unit, working group, task force, committee or other entity, including its charge and membership. This project may also include incorporating or developing a DEI vision statement or strategic plan.
Identify Equity Gaps
4-Year Institution
South Carolina
Darlene Small
Director of the Center for Diversity, Interfaith, and Inclusion Education
Katie Flaherty
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

We will use student data (Campus Climate Survey, focus groups, first year experience survey, NSSE) and employee data (disaggregated demographic data) to conduct a root cause analysis. We will also review previous research for recommended practices for addressing equity gaps in recruitment and retention and differences in sense of belonging. Then we will develop a logic model for how the potential intervention is expected to improve outcomes.


We envision that this working group would regularly evaluate institutional data related to DEI. The intended outcome is to improve recruitment, retention, and sense of belonging for students and employees on our campus.

Lessons Learned

We began with identification of working group members. These include representatives from student life/services (Residence Life, Student Engagement, Sociology/Criminology faculty, student), Academic Success and Advising (Student Success, QL/Writer's Studio, Librarian, faculty member, student), Recruitment (Human Resources, Admissions, School of Visual & Performing Arts, Career Development, Athletics), and Policies, Procedures, and Structure (Institutional Effectiveness, Center for Diversity, Interfaith & Inclusion Education). We are developing a process for analysis of retention data and identified that we need more ways to gather student input and hear the student voice.