Creating a Foundation for DEI Culture on Campus
This project focused on defining what DEI means to our campus community and developing a framework for incorporating DEI into strategic planning.
DEI Foundations
Health Professions
South Carolina
Karen Canup
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer
LaShanda Hutto Harris
Vice President for Student Affairs
Ronitra Owens
Director of Student Affairs

We intend to use literature reviews and/or studies of other colleges who have integrated DEI into their strategic plan, in addition to the use of surveys deployed on our campus to gather information regarding the DEI climate on our campus. Funds were allocated to incentivize initial survey assessments resulting in five gifts being awarded to both students and employees for their input.


Our goal is to take the pulse of our campus relative to DEI, working to define what DEI means to our campus community, and developing a framework for how we incorporate DEI into our strategic plan and ongoing strategic planning which will drive specific goals and activities by the various stakeholders named in the strategic plan. We want to push towards more intentional equitable practices to create an environment that strives to support its constituents.

Lessons Learned

Relevant themes gleaned from coding provided our team sufficient guidance in making recommendations to the Strategic Planning Council regarding DEI input for our strategic plan. Based upon the survey, the majority of students and employees (approximately 90% of each population who responded) feel they belong and are valued on our campus. And although we did not meet our benchmark of 75% or greater satisfaction in many of the areas for students or employees, we have gained much more valuable insight. There is work the college needs to do to clearly define and communicate how DEI fits in to our campus culture and what it looks like.