DEI Dashboard Initiative: Shaping Inclusive Excellence at CWU
The project aims to enhance DEI at CWU by developing a dashboard system for data-informed decision-making, displaying disaggregated data in an easily understandable format to assist in the identification and rectification of equity gaps.
Dashboards & Scorecards
4-Year Institution
Jonathan Henderson
Assistant to the President and Executive Director

This project is tied to CWU's vision, "Central Washington University will be a model learning community of equity and belonging" and mission, "The university nurtures culturally sustaining practices that expand access and success to all students. It's committed to fostering high-impact practices, sustainability, and authentic community partnerships grounded in meaningful relationships."


Development of the dashboard occur using the following process and methodology:
- Initiate discussions with key stakeholders
- Develop a narrative framework
- Identify the project's leadership key participants
- Determine the resources necessary for the project's success
- Conduct a requirements gathering and prototyping phase
- Design the dashboard
- Build and validate the dashboard
- Deploy and maintain the dashboard
- Create a user-friendly dashboard system

Lessons Learned

Following are some lessons learned in the process of developing CWU's DEI dashboard:

Importance of keeping stakeholders informed about the benefits and progress of the project. Need for continuous learning adaptation in the face of new challenges or changes.

The importance of a clear roadmap for maintaining focus and achieving project goals. Identified the need for careful resource planning.

The importance of stakeholder engagement in project planning and implementation. Identified potential weak spots in the project and discussed solutions.

The importance of tracking progress using both qualitative and quantitative data. Recognized the need for regular communication with stakeholders about project progress.