Designing an Equity Tracker for DDCC
Create an evaluation tracking tool to analyze progress on equity goals and objectives; the tool should be a way to offer transparency toward equity work and communicate progress to internal and external stakeholders.
Dashboards & Scorecards
2-Year Institution
North Carolina
Allison Carr
Dean, Davie Academic Program
Emily Dietrich
Director, Student Success Initiatives & Analytics

Qualitative methods will be used to identify areas and goals to be used in the tracker tool. Groups will be created to facilitate discussion about data to create smaller outcome goals associated with each major objective of the tool. Quantitative methods will be used to evaluate the success of strategies implemented to meet each goal. Incorporating measurable outcomes is critical to being able to report data and determine effectiveness of goals and strategies.


The mixed methodology is designed to create greater transparency surrounding our equity work on campus, as well as clearly define and create a process for equity work. We want to hold ourselves accountable for our equity work, as well as lay out and communicate exactly what our work is and how we are attempting to do it.

Lessons Learned

We are working to adjust the framing to make it clear that this is a tracker of end goals rather than current progress. We are working with out stakeholders and leadership to ensure alignment and commitment for the project. We are developing a process to obtain student voice and use culturally responsive practices to center the community in relation to this tool. We are finding that framing conversations about equity gaps should be about the enactor and not the recipient (institution rather than the student) and we are developing ways to build this practice into our conversations about data.