Faculty Data Resources
Develop a data source guide for faculty to make them aware of existing data and how to use the existing comparative, course-level data in a disaggregated way to identify gaps in minoritized student performance outcomes.
Faculty Focus
4-Year Institution
Molly Albart
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs
Rebecca Lewis
Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Reporting
Vishal Sharma
Data Analytics Liaison

This project builds on the institutional establishment of its Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force, established in 2021 and focused on 1) gathering baseline information on Hispanic students' success using traditional metrics, 2) determining if UTA is appropriately serving Hispanic students, and 3) Scaling impactful practices for Hispanic students to other minoritized groups.

The project also builds on the Equitable Outcomes Project, a partnership with the UT System started in 2022 to develop an equitable outcomes fellowship. The first faculty fellow was selected in 2023.


The goal of this project is to answer the research question: If faculty had access to a data dashboard that showed how minoritized students performed at the course level and could compare between like courses taught by different faculty, a) would they use the data, b) would the data prompt faculty to reflect on their andragogical methods, and c) would the data prompt faculty to seek out faculty instructional development?

Lessons Learned

The exploratory phase of this project revealed that there were lessons to learn from another UT campus that had conducted a similar project. It also revealed that the information already existed in various data sources on campus, but these systems were not being utilized by faculty. These revelations helped the team to pivot to development of a data source guide rather than the originally envisioned data dashboard. This guide will inform faculty of available data without duplicating effort already in place at the institution.