Institutionalizing DEI Through Data-Driven Planning & Assessment
Develop and execute a model to integrate DEI concepts and practices into SLCC's existing institutional planning and assessment process.
Dashboards & Scorecards
2-Year Institution
Charles Miller
Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness
Alicia Hulin
Executive Director of HR & Strategic Engagement

Extensive input and work was done in the development of the 2021-26 strategic plan to integrate DEI principles into long-term goals for the institution. This project will build on that work to identify long-term, measurable outcomes tied to strategic objectives at the College and Division level. These metrics will be included in the College and Division scorecards and progress will be monitored on key metrics at the highest levels. These enhanced data resources will be used for operational-level planning, assessment, and continuous improvements in support of DEI goals.


The goal of this project is to infuse DEI into our "routine" designed to drive continuous college-wide improvement. Based on the college's Strategic Plan, a DEI focus filters to on-going grass-roots level planning of SLCC's operational units.

Lessons Learned

This project laid the groundwork. In order to sustain and scale the work, execution in response to planning and assessment will be critical as the institution moves through the cycle of its current strategic plan. Buy-in of new executive and unit-level leadership is critical to the continued success of the project. External feedback loops will also be built in to validate that the focus of DEI efforts are timely and effective.