QEP Disaggregated Data Research Retreat
Our disaggregated data retreat will improve access to and understanding of disaggregated student data for student-facing staff and faculty so they may identify gaps in access and opportunity, and better respond in a meaningful way.
Data Foundations
4-Year Institution
Kadie Mullins
Executive Director of Administrative Assessment
Tiffany Phagan
Executive Director of Academic Assessment

Data will be collected by the Writing Matters (QEP) team including: 1) Artifact scoring, using an established rubric after calibration of reviewers, 2) Reflection scoring, using an established rubric after calibration of reviewers, 3) Student demographic data linked to scores. Additional data separate from performance and outcome data will be separately analyzed. Specifically, participation in various Writing Matters programs to determine if equitable access is being provided and to support the identification of unintentional barriers to access.


Develop a structured process for student-facing faculty and staff to engage with disaggregated data to identify and address equity gaps.

Lessons Learned

The inaugural QEP Disaggregated Data Retreat was held in June 2023, including sessions on research bias, data equity, refining research questions, disaggregating data, ethics and IRB, data sources with Institutional Research, special populations, conversations with the CDIO, and developing research action plans. Lessons learned include:

There is a distinct interest among faculty and staff for further development in both assessment and equity-focused work. The combination of using data equity as a framework was very well received.

There are limitations to in-person access to these experiences, even when funding is provided, due to the various campus locations, emphasizing the need for accessible and ongoing access to collaboration and resources. To increase access to this opportunity and resources, greater outreach and partnerships should be leveraged.

It is not yet determined how the University's leadership will leverage the information gained in this process at a strategic level. This will require continued advocacy and communication.