Reforming Career and Technical Education with Equity in Mind
Increase credentials for students in Career and Technical programs.
Address Equity Gaps
2-Year Institution
Francisco Solis
Interim Vice President for Academic Success
Tiffany Hernandez
Vice President for Student Success
Jonathan Lee
Dean for Academic Success
Savithra Eratne
Director of Institutional Research

To identify factors that contribute to differences in performance among student populations, the IR department will arrange focus groups and oversee longitudinal analysis and outcome mapping. Data collected will include course completion, productive grade rate, semester to semester persistence rate.


As part of the Aspen Foundation "Unlocking Opportunities" project which emphasizes post completion success, this effort to increase persistence and completion among minoritized and special populations becomes paramount. Our goal has become more than persistence and completion, but ensuring the students who earn these credentials will enter careers with family sustainable wages.

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned during implementation of this project include:
- Prepare for leadership changes.
- Follow state legislation developments.
- Avoid top-down approaches.
- Address institutional culture.
- Be prepared for systemic impediments.
- Be sure project flows into other initiatives.
- Communicate across all divisions.